About us

We are a small amateur dramatic club located in Dollar, Clackmannanshire, with members from Dollar and the surrounding area. We welcome new adult members of all abilities. Please note that we do not have a youth section.

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We put on a variety of productions which have recently included theatre dinners, full length plays and murder mystery evenings.

Theatre dinners include one or two short plays, usually one act. These are combined with a meal for the audience at a venue in or near Dollar. Full productions are complete plays, usually by well known playwrights such as Tom Stoppard, Alan Ayckbourn and Oscar Wilde. At murder mystery evenings members take the parts of various characters in a murder, with the audience participating in trying to identify the culprit. This involves both scripted and spontaneous acting.

All of these productions require the support of a director with a stage manager and crew, costume design and props, lighting and sound, offering the opportunity to try a range of activities for different productions.

We also host play reading evenings, where we meet to read through a play together that we are considering performing, or simply a play that we think would be enjoyable to read together. This is a sociable event, and it gives novice actors a chance to practise reading lines aloud in front of others.

We perform between one and three plays per year. Typically, full-length plays are staged in Dollar Academy, and shorter plays are presented as a “Theatre Dinner” (a play plus a meal) in a hotel or a community venue in or near Dollar.

Play reading evenings are hosted at various times throughout the year when we aren’t busy with an existing production.

Casting evenings for the next play are typically held just after a production has finished.

The club is organised by a committee consisting of club members that is elected by the members at the club’s Annual General Meeting in August or September.

Our social activities include an annual barbecue, often with an associated treasure hunt, a winter party, and planned visits to other productions by amateur and professional groups. The summer programme at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre is a regular favourite.