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Our first dress rehearsal for Curtain Up On Murder! It's great to be rehearsing in the actual venue. Until now we have been rehearsing in Dollar Civic Centre, and it can be slightly off-putting to change venue like this, but that's part of the point of a dress rehearsal. We have another dress rehearsal on Wednesday, and then it's show time!

The Friday performance of Curtain Up On Murder has now sold out, but there are tickets available for the Thursday and Saturday, and there is still time to book here.

With just over a week to go until the opening night of Curtain Up On Murder we are making final adjustments to costumes and music, collecting scenery, and looking forward to our first dress rehearsal. It's an exciting time! If you'd like to know who did it, you can reserve tickets here.

Rehearsals have started for our next play, Curtain Up On Murder.

We are pleased to announce that our next play will be Curtain Up On Murder by Bettine Manktelow, directed by Elaine Stark. This is a full-length play that is a mystery/thriller, which will be performed on the 19th, 20th and 21st October 2017 in Dollar Academy Studio Theatre. We are excited to be starting something new, after a short break where we read lots of plays to help select this one.

Mission To The Planet Bob is now over! We had great fun with this production. They are always a lot of work, but worth it. Many thanks to everyone who helped, and thanks to the audience for attending in good numbers and laughing in all the right places. We had a lot of good feedback about the performances and also the food.

12 & 13/5/17
Performance nights! Break a leg!

We had fun last night at the Killin Komedy Festival with Mission To The Planet Bob, and we had a lot of positive feedback from the audience. We are performing it again in Dollar on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May.

It's the premiere of Mission To The Planet Bob at the Killin Komedy Festival! Break a leg!

Rehearsals have started for our next play, Mission To The Planet Bob. This comedy will be presented as a theatre dinner - a play plus an evening meal - on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May 2017.

The performances of Love's Labours Found are now over! It was a lot of work but we had great audiences and great fun. Many thanks to everybody who helped, either directly with the performances or in one of the many supporting roles, or even simply by letting us borrow their trailer to move scenery. We simply couldn't do it without all this help.

17 & 18/2/17
Performance nights! Break a leg!

We have started moving scenery and props into the Studio Theatre for our February production Love's Labours Found. There is just a week to go, and things are getting intensive with dress rehearsals and technical rehearsals still to come. There is a lot to do, but it's an exciting time!

We are pleased to announce that our next production will consist of two one-act plays, a short sketch, and various readings. The plays are "A Betrothal" by Lanford Wilson, "Secretarial Skills" by Peter Quilter, and the sketch is "Love Is Blind" by Andrew Bawn. These will be performed in Dollar Academy Studio Theatre on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February 2017. Click here for more details.

Our three performances of The Importance Of Being Earnest are now over! It was almost sold-out every night, which is wonderful, and we received lots of positive feedback from the audience afterwards which is always great to hear. The cast and crew have worked hard, but it has also been enormous fun. Huge thanks go to the director, Frances Lindsay, for being so committed and enthusiastic, giving praise and constructive criticism in rehearsals as needed, and giving so much of her time.

20 to 22/10/16
Performance nights! Break a leg!

Today we had our first dress rehearsal for The Importance Of Being Earnest. The set and the costumes look great, and it is nice to be rehearsing in the actual venue. A long, tiring but satisfying day. Photos from the dress rehearsal can be seen here.

We have been busy building the set for our October production! Have a sneak preview here.

We are currently rehearsing for our October 2016 production, Oscar Wilde's classic play The Importance Of Being Earnest. Rehearsals are twice per week, and as well as learning our lines we are busy preparing costumes, designing the set, selecting props, considering lighting and music, publicising, printing tickets and programmes, taking ticket reservations, organising front-of-house, and all the other things that go into a production. It is a busy but exhilarating time, and we are excited to be presenting this very funny and clever play to you.